Pricing & Payment
For Bulk SMS

Get 5 SMS units by referring someone to this site. Once THEY register, YOU immediately get 5 SMS units
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+ 5 FREE SMS once you Sign Up!
+ 99% instant Delivery rate. Fast and efficient!
+ SMS units do not expire. It has lifetime validity. So you can buy and save for later.
+ Delivery to ALL GSM Networks is 1.3 Units/SMS
+ Delivery to Do Not Disturb (DND) Numbers is 2.5 Units/SMS. What is DND?
+ Delivery to CDMA Numbers (Multilinks, Starcomms and Visafone) is 2.5 units/SMS.

+ Option of Customized SIM Hosting
+ Schedule Messages for future dates to send automatically.
+ Save numbers to phone book.
+ Save SMS to draft to send later.
+ Full SMS and transaction history.
+ Regular discounts, cool offers and referrals!
+ API Integration for Developers

Enter the Amount of Money you want to pay and see how many SMS Units it can purchase or use the table below.

100 - 9,999 Units N1.74
10,000 - 19,999 Units N1.70
20,000 - 49,999 Units N1.65
50,000 - 99,999 Units N1.60
100,000 - 499,999 Units N1.55
Over 500,000 Units N1.50

Payment can be made via Bank transfers or cash deposits or Online with a Credit or Debit card.
Please DO NOT make any payments until you have created an account.

Payment Option 1
Make Cash or Bank Transfers to this account:
Greenspek Information Tech Solutions Ltd,
United Bank for Africa (UBA), 1019155158

After payment, send via SMS (+234-8169615492) or EMAIL ( your Name, Amount Paid and purpose of payment (Bulk SMS). Your account will be credited accordingly within 20 Minutes.

Payment Option 2
Online payment credits your account immediately. You must be logged into your account to access the ONLINE payment system.
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Pricing & Payment
For Short Codes

There are 2 types: Shared and Dedicated short codes.

A one-time setup fee of N149,000 (or US$400) Only. No monthly payments.
+ You will provide us with the required KEYWORD which has to be checked for availability.
+ Supports ALL GSM networks
+ Includes API for integration to your project.
+ Network payouts per quarter (3 months)
+ Control Panel where you can view all your transactions real-time
+ Revenue: MTN = 32%, 9 Mobile = 28%, Glo = 14%, Airtel = 26%
Example, Send BOSS GREENSPEK to 32811, SMS cost N30

You get paid once per quarter (every 3 months). This is the timeline given by the networks to process such transactions. You have to have generated up to N50,000 to be paid else, the payment is rolled over to the next month. Your revenue remains intact until the above threshold is reached.

This is quite expensive and is only used if you expect very high traffic. It works exactly like the shared short code however, it doesn't use keywords. This means that all traffic to that number goes to your account.
The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has strict rules about dedicated numbers. You will have to apply to them for a short code number which has to be registered with the various networks. When this is done, we can assist you with integration.

+ Please Contact Us first before making any payments